The Gap and the Gain
The Gap and the Gain: Recognizing the Ground You’ve Already Covered as a Leading Female in Today's World

Peaks and Valleys
Highs and Lows
Ups and Downs
Gaps and Gains

Whatever you choose to call them, together we're going to learn to measure progress in a way that encourages continued forward movement. This 8 week study will include a combination of training, coaching, and studying "The Gap & The Gain" (a book written by Dan Sullivan & Dr. Benjamin Hardy). 

Who is this for? Women who sometimes struggle to recognize how far they have come. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a successful CEO, you run your own business, or you have an idea brewing in your mind, this is for you.

Together we will recognize past and current achievements along with personal and professional growth. You will seek new mindset shifts and see how changed perspectives can open both our minds and habitual ways of thinking to create new opportunities.