But that's why I love this work so much.

It gives me the opportunity to pass on the skills and lessons I've learned in order to bring it all to life. The people, activities, and priorities I want to live out can and do unfold right in front of our very eyes. But it takes some skills, and the right mindset.

Through leadership lessons, personal growth trainings, and mentors, I've seen the results in my life and I want others to experience the life changing impact it can have on their lives, too.

My husband CJ and I have the opportunity to tote along our three kids in almost all of our endeavours. 

They're living a life that right now that they don't even realize is a rarity in today's world. 

With rural ranch living and wide open country spaces to run and watch life come and go, to watching their mom and dad make countless decisions as entrepreneurs making it work; they're learning and growing every single day along our side.
Growing up in organizations like 4-H and FFA opened my eyes to countless opportunities and the ability to keep excelling. 

Thankfully, as an adult, I still see the world through those same eyes and I now help others to 
step outside of their comfort zones, 
think a little differently, 
and be exceptional in their endeavours, too. 

I'd love to connect with you.


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