Version 2023 with 360 Degrees of Growth
Personal and Professional Planning
Friday, January 20, 2023
10am - 11am CST

In this hour long workshop we will:

✓ Take the time to pause, reflect, and consider the positives and negatives of 2022 as we look at your life from a 360 degree view. 
✓ Determine your personal and professional needs and wants for 2023. 
✓ Access useful tools and determine your first steps for the new year.

Join us for an hour-long session via Zoom, where we'll dive into your mindset 

and approach the new year from a different angle than your typical 

“new year goals” and “2023 resolutions” workshop. 

This will be different--because you want and deserve different this year. 

Let’s figure it out together in an actionable and growth committed community.
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