1Mile Round10
Challenge yourself mentally and physically. 
What's easy to do, is also easy not to do.
Starting January 1st, 2024 - 90 Miles in 90 Days

Intentionally walk or run at least one mile ... every day ... for 90 days. 

Join the private Facebook group (we'll send a link via email once you register) and then comment daily after completing your intentional mile. 

Check in virtually on Facebook with us each day. 

T-shirt included for those who complete all 90 days! 

Join us for a 90 day journey. You’ll not only complete 90 miles over the next 3 months, but you’ll expand your mind on what you believe is possible.  

It will take being committed. And daily planning. Especially on the days when you are busy, traveling, sick, or just plain tired. But committing to a challenge and seeing it through will grow you in unexpected ways.  

Your daily walks (or runs) will allow your brain to explore and get creative, create new or deeper relationships, increase your endorphins, improve your health, decrease stress, enjoy some quiet time, and you will grow as a person.  

90 miles in 90 days. Keep yourself motivated and active with accountability. We’ve got you!

If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you. Fred Devito

Participant Feedback:
"Walking those miles turned into daily time spent with anywhere from 1-4 kiddos, husband, dogs, a friend, or alone time with myself, and time with God. In the beginning I was trying to always be intentional about my mile. Towards the end it was actually less about “The Mile” and more about what followed.
I not only was able to discover more on foot in my work travels, spend more time in nature, and see every inch of airports; more importantly I feel a sense of eagerness to take on tasks, life, and do hard things. It is such a helpful reset for just doing life well, daily. Thank you for the challenge. I look forward to my walk and have added additional habits to my day."
-Lisa M (North Dakota) 

"I’m glad I joined the challenge! It wasn’t always easy to get it done, but I should be able to find at least 15-20 minutes to do a walk for me! I have still been getting a mile in every day since the challenge ended."
-Deanna K (South Dakota)

"My best specific take away is that my cholesterol is down 20 points! I am ecstatically happy about that! Yes, I am stronger mentally and physically and I’m going to keep going! I have added it to my morning routine! Thanks again for giving of your time!"
-Kaye N (Arizona)

"I loved this challenge! I used to think that if I couldn’t get at least 30 to 45 minutes of a hard workout in it isn’t worth it but getting a mile in a day changed that for me. Getting at least a mile a day made my day better in so many ways. Sometimes I would walk with no music or books just quiet time to think and in turn I felt more productive and positive."
-Kelly T (Nebraska)

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